Devbhoomi Uttarakhand: The Land of Gods

According to the Puranas, When Brahma Ji created the universe, Earth was created for the sake of people. Then all the Gods and Goddesses said to Brahma ji ” Lord, you have made the earth- a world for all humans. Give some place for us also on this Earth.” Then Brahma ji said “There will be a country named India in the whole earth, In which you will sit in the place named Uttarakhand. And even today the land of Uttarakhand is known as Devbhoomi.

Uttarakhand kya cheez hai, vo to aake hi pata chalega. From Kumaun to Garhwal, only expressions will be “Wow! What a beauty”. And ya! If you go to Kumaun we suggest you stay at Aaroham Resorts which is the best resort near Bhimtal

Delicacies of Uttarakhand

Food is based on the plantation their natives do in the Mountains. A few delicacies:

Kafuli– This tropical dish is prepared in an iron kadai and served with hot steaming rice. This dish is too good for health conscious people and is prepared of Spinach and fenugreek leaves. 

Aloo ka Jhol– Jhol means ‘thin gravy’ in Hindi. Aloo ka jhol is a potato recipe that is served with pooris or chapatis. 

Signori– It is a well-known sweet dish in Uttarakhand which is made of Khoa, a dairy product of thickened milk that is wrapped in a Maalu leaf. 

Arsa– It is the most famous dessert of Uttarakhand, and has come to occupy space in each house of Uttarakhand. No festival is complete without this dish. 

Traditional clothing

Men – They wear kurta pajamas with a koti over their kurta and a pahadi cap is a must for them. 

Women – Garhwali women wear a necklace like a modern-day choker, called a ‘gul band’.

In kumaoni culture at weddings, the bride wears a red and golden head covering a heavy piece known as the pichora.


Harela parv– Celebrated in Kumaon for the seeds sown by Kumaoni women and the harvest time on the first day of the monsoon. 

Phool Dei– All the children collect flowers and go to the houses of their villagers to ask for rice and give them flowers instead. After the collection of rice from the whole village, they collect it at a place and rice kheer (porridge) is prepared and served among the villagers. 

Music instruments

Dhol, Damoun, Dholki, Daur, Thali, Turri, Bhankora, Ransinghla and Masakbeen are some musical instruments used for all functions in Uttarakhand. 


The state of Uttarakhand conforms to its rich heritage status. Due to its unique biodiversity, the state is also home to several rare and endangered species, herbal and aromatic plants. We believe your stay with Aaroham Resorts will be an unforgettable experience as it truly is the best place to stay in Bhimtal. 

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