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Dalhousie Snowfall: Memories of the White Carpet

Today my whole family was sitting in the living room, and I talked about the old album kept by my grandmother in her treasure. Grandma slowly came out of her room with that album, which was slightly torn and filled with dust. Grandma carefully put the album together and placed it in front of us. The elegance with which she was cleaning that album made it clear that even though the pictures in them would be old, the memories would still be fresh. Get in touch for a comfortable stay in the Aaroham Resorts i.e. the best resorts near Dalhousie.

Elegance of Dalhousie: Best Resorts Near Dalhousie

She opened the front page of that album and I saw my grandfather. A tall, broad-headed man putting his hand on my grandmother’s shoulder with love. They were both expressing shy love in the snowy mountains. Grandma told me that she was very fond of seeing snow. But she could never see that because she used to be so busy with household work that she never got a chance to get out of the house. One day, my grandma expressed her wish to my grandfather. Then what was it? He decided that he would show me the snowfall.

 Best Resort Near Dalhousie

May Grandpa kill all his desires and collect money for my grandma’s wish to see snowfall. One day, as soon as he came, he said, “Rama, my aunt is ill. We have to go to meet her.” Hearing this, my grandma immediately agreed to go with him. It was a night journey, so she fell asleep. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in the valleys of Himachal.

Peace in the White Carpet

After listening to this story, I felt that maqsad sirf pyaar ka hi nahi hota, maqsad hota hai us insan ko vo saari khushiya dene ka jo shadi ke vachano main boli thi. Although my grandmother is 70 years old, in all these years she remembers the same moment very well. Because at that moment, she had lived that too freely without any hesitation. Then I do it with someone or alone. I will keep this memory where I will make myself happy. So why not start from Himachal only? Before moving ahead, I would like to introduce you to Aaroham Resorts, which is the Best Resort Near Dalhousie. Aaroham Resorts is beautiful and luxurious and provides you with a comfortable stay and 24/7 availability by their staff.

Dalhousie, the dream of many. People die for its panoramic views. With a zero-degree temperature during December and January, Dalhousie gets fully covered with a blanket of snow and heavy fog. Non-stop snowfall makes Dalhousie look like heaven. Places like Chamba, Panchpula, Ganji Pahari, Khajjiar, and many more are some of the best places one should visit during the winter season. As all of these places get fully covered by snow, One can enjoy and play in the snow very easily in these places.

I agree that my grandfather is no longer alive, but I still see so much love for my grandpa in my grandma’s eyes. By seeing this, I understand that priority is always created. The way grandfather brought his heart to fulfill grandmother’s wish Experiencing snowfall became not just a wish for Grandma but a necessity too. She has started falling in love with those mountains and the valleys, from the peaks covered with a sheet of snow. For a luxurious stay connect with us for the best resorts near Dalhousie.

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